Deadlines for Writers

In a perfect world, no writer would ever get stuck,  be stumped or get sucked into the black hole that is the internet. We would sit down, the muse would descend and we’d produce literary magic, but this world is far from perfect. We get stuck, stumped and sucked in by hyperlinks.

Deadlines are the solution.

On this site, you will find a monthly short story deadline and a monthly poetry deadline. Join the challenge now and find out more about writing 12 Short Stories in 12 Months and writing 12 Poems in 12 Months. 

12 Short Stories in 12 Months

In 2017 we attempted this challenge for the first time and we’re still writing. You will receive a prompt with a specific word count, anywhere between 300 and 2500 words. Your story is posted on the site on the day of the deadline. You post one story and comment on four. The community is kind and generous and waiting to meet you.

12 Poems in 12 Months

Can you write 12 poems in 12 months? You will receive a prompt and a deadline. Sometimes it’s free verse, sometimes it’s not. We’ve written a sonnet and experimented with sounds. We’ve written about fields and colours and sides. Your poem is posted on the site on the day of the deadline. You post one poem and comment on four.

Write the Crap Out of It

Available end 2019. This is the newest section on the site and is only for writers who have purchased the eBook. The eBook is available on Amazon. Click here to buy it. The eBook helps you to write and improve your short stories. It has 27 exercises for you to complete and share on the site from March 2020. You post one exercise and comment on four. 

What the Writers Said: