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  • To Be by © Maruschka Scott#August’s wind brushing cheeksI raise my handslifted on its wings My, what rough caressas though completely carelesswhat bliss is this?! Swept up in a hush of Peaceif naught but a mo […]

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Hi Maruschka,
      Beautiful. I really like the word choice of your poem. It makes me feel peaceful.
      The shape is lovely as well.
      One small suggestion, perhaps separate your three verses with a line in the middle and maybe take off the label of Haiku. This stands alone as a beautiful poem all on its own. And a Haiku has very strict syllable patterns of 5, 7, 5 and this does not quite meet that strict ruling in a few areas.
      Really well done and thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Maruschka, this is a reall y beautiful poem. Your images carry me away! I agree with Jane, the label “haiku” doesn’t quite apply here. My immediate association was “epiphany”, where one moment in time makes you realize so much more, makes you realize the connection to a more spiritual idea. But then, that’s only when you feel like labelling it. Great take on the prompt!

      • Hi, Susanne. I appreciate your kind comments. Thank you for taking the time to read. 🙂

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  • A Thousand Cuts by Deb Snyder


    Kathy’s worst enemy was her reflection. Shiny windows, bathroom mirrors… she shunned them all.

    On a good day, the mirror prompted disgust she could shake off and shove to the bac […]

  • Freedom by Jennifer Bozarth


    Finally let free to roam

    Running to the store

    Emerges like a vacation

    Enjoying the time alone

    Dancing and singing to tunes

    Only person in the car

    Mom is free!


    Read […]

    • O yes, mom’s will resonate to this! Free to go anywhere (even the store) on her own. Woo hoo! 🙂

    • Kim replied 2 months ago

      This made me smile – gotta take those gaps when you can! 🤗

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Hi Jennifer, I love it:) A great choice of poem genre as well. I can only imagine the freedom a simple trip to the shop and some alone time in a car must be after being in lock-down at home with children:) You have captured it beautifully. Well done.

    • Oh I remember those days as a single father. Yes, even a trip to the store was like a vacation. Great poem. 🙂

  • “So why…?” by Azul Aragon


    I’m no bird,

    But I feel trapped

    Inside this house I call home.

    I’m no slave,

    So why do I find hard

    To speak my mind?

    I’m not chained,

    So why does my body […]

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Hi Azul, this poem could fit in for next months prompt of ‘Why’ as well:) It is quite deep and a little sad, but it is also really good. It spoke to me. I have to admit I feel a bit like this myself at times.
      One small edit required: Feels – need to remove the s on this word.
      Great poem, thanks for sharing.

  • Freedom by Cinthia Albers



    Waves in the wind

    An ideal to reach for

    An illusion we aspire to

    Freedom scorns us,

    Devours us

    Inspires us

    Freedom taunts us

    Waving from a flag

    Words set in […]

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Hi Cinthia, Definitely fragile and it seems unobtainable for some. You have captured the illusive nature of freedom here and how it can taunt some. We are lucky enough to have many freedoms we live – although all civilised nations are held by some rules and regulations:)
      Well done and thanks for sharing.

  • FREEDOM by Linda Kuno 


    A child is finally adopted from a foster home free from rejection, only to have new fears

    A teenager at nineteen thinks being an adult gives them freedom, until responsibility kicks […]

    • Hi Linda, this was exactly the way I brainstormed for this prompt too! I think a good title would be “Too much freedom”. And perhaps to start with what is now your last line would put a special spin on each of the lines, which almost read like “theses” – one could elaborate on each in a stanza, or even separate poems. Thank you for this.

    • Kim replied 2 months ago

      Thought provoking – that questions our idea of what freedom really means…and you can run but if its not a mindset,and attitude within ,no amount of external release will give us the freedom- and peace – we seek.

      Great piece !

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Hi Linda, well done, you have captured the many different ways of looking at freedom. All of these ring so true and you have nailed it in only a line.
      Great poem, thanks for sharing.

  • AMERICA’S RINGTONE by Kristen Morasan


    Let freedom ring
    as they handcuff families,
    For their “stolen” car
    to which they possess the keys.

    Let freedom ring
    as gun yielding protesters cry-
    For its their right […]

    • Kim replied 2 months ago

      Hard hitting gut punch! So glad you highlighted this! In a country with supposedly free democracy it behaves like a police state.

      My only nitpick is -a sober siren’s song- I equate Siren to a sexy woman beckoning someone astray…to me the image just doesnt gel…otherwise its an excellent poem!

      • Thank you so much for reading my poem. Yeah, the siren part I could see. I was equating the siren to the sexy lure of “freedom” that America tried to hang its hat on. Thank you for the critique tho, I’m sure there’s a more efficient way of correlating my view.

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Hi Kristen, a great poem that really encompasses our day to day lives in 2020 – the year everyone will want to forget. And hopefully lives to do so.
      I really loved your last verse, beautifully written and leaves one hearing that elusive siren song……

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for sharing your poem – it is a pretty accurate description of the discussions going on in the US – you certainly nailed America’s ringtone! I find the “sober siren” an extremely powerful image. It s so powerful that I start wondering how the siren has sobered up, what else she might have to say…maybe that’s an inspiration for another poem? I do see Kim’s point though. However, you can also see it like this: if freedom is the siren that used to lure people to the US and if this siren has sobered up, and if America is no longer as free as it used to be, then this country becomes unattractive to people. And that is definitively the case right now. Who would want to emigrate to the US or even come to the US on vacation if this nation is shackled by a virus or by this president (among other things)? This is how I read it, does it help to clarify?

  • None, but ourselves By Claire Young


    I’m not free to be myself,
    There’ll be no play pretend
    The word itself can not be used
    If love’s not the means to an end.
    We often fight this tyranny
    With index facing […]

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Hi Claire, I enjoyed your poem, short and sweet. It really made me think. So many of us are trapped in our own thoughts and minds.
      Well done.

  • Admission of Freedom by CReese
    The pull on my wrists, my ankles, my heart
    Took me back to the place
    Where I thought I had broken my chains
    I waited for the fall of the sun
    And stole away to Jesus
    Following the […]

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Wow, this is intense and powerful. It spiralled through a lot of mixed emotions and thoughts and came out at the other end with acceptance and healing. Really well done. Thanks for sharing.

  • Red, White, n’ Blues by Amelia Legend


    Free at last,

    Free at last.

    Thank God Almighty,

    I’m free at-

    Oh wait…

    Shit, never mind.


    Read Amelia Legend’s work.

    • Haha this is v ironic…Tho without the picture, I’m not sure it would have had the same impact!

    • Kim replied 2 months ago

      🤣🤣🤣 that last line is a clincher! ❤

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      LOL, yeah the picture helps with the last line for sure. Well done.

  • Freedom to move by Nam Raj Khatri


    Freedom to move is your  right,

    you can move to any of the sites.

    Reality now  is  different,

    We are facing an adverse trend.

    Every day getting worse

    The movement co […]

    • Interesting, I liked it.

    • Jane replied 2 months ago

      Hi Raj,
      I think you are trying to tell people to be patient and keep the social distancing and follow the rules so that we can all be safe.
      Thanks for sharing.

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