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    Teacher-Nurse Kagi’s eyes float down to the smudge of red lipstick on the strap around Ana’s left wrist. She swiftly wipes it away with her pointer finger. Looking at the color wit […]

    • Interesting installment of the story! It keeps you guessing, and wondering what will happen next. I did enjoy the series of questions, and the nice interpretation of the prompt. Looking forward to learning more about what’s going on here.

    • Thrilling read. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Jennifer, great response to the prompt! I love how the red lipstick was transformed into a tool of empowerment. I was a little confused by the mention of the red door – did the red lipstick come from that business? It’s still a wonderful story, thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Bren, what a gripping story! I love how you reversed the actions of the mother applying makeup and made it a way to show desire for the son. Like another commenter, I was a little confused by the girlfriend line at the end, but after reading your response, I see what you were getting at 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Oooh. This one was fun – I was curious what the gold tube was going to turn out to be and you delivered! Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Anjum, you got across the feeling of frustration and despair very well in just 300 words! I felt for Shazia – I’ve had similar experiences where I couldn’t find a way to “get through” to a loved one, due to something that I couldn’t see. Thank you for sharing and please keep writing!

  • Haha, thank you Zoltan! I wanted to get into the escape more but yes, 300 words is very tough to make that a proper event. Thanks for reading!

  • Hi Renee, glad you liked the imagery. Thank you for reading!

  • Hi Catherine! Thank you for reading! Glad the sinister feeling came across 🙂

  • Haha, your comment is very nice and oh, if only I had a time machine 😉 Yes, 300 words for an escape scene is tricky… you’ll see what I did with it soon! Hope I don’t disappoint you. Thank you for continuing to follow along Zoltan!

  • Hi Renee, I’m happy that you could figure out between the ANAs, but yes, I agree, I’ll need to work on making that clearer. Also, I saw that you friend requested me a little bit ago but I can’t find the request in the system anymore. I think it’s because of Mia cleaning up the system recently. Anyway, I’ve friended you instead, hope it goes…[Read more]

  • Kit, we need to get out of here before The Company figures out that I’ve broken out of their Evaluation Protocol! Kit?!Silence. Oh no, I guess this means I really am awake now. Wish me luck, Kit. The hospital bed […]

    • Very sinister, moving along nicely even in this shorter prompt. Waiting for next month with anticipation. Great job.

      • Hi Catherine! Thank you for reading! Glad the sinister feeling came across 🙂

    • Nice response to the prompt. Fun imagery to give personality to Teacher-Nurse Kagi.

    • I was thankful for the 300 words limit when I wrote my story, but now I wish there were more. I still can’t get used to this cliff I am hanging on in the past few months. Well done!

      • Haha, thank you Zoltan! I wanted to get into the escape more but yes, 300 words is very tough to make that a proper event. Thanks for reading!

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  • I love fairy tales and yours did not disappoint. I really appreciated that Rupert is a more modern kind of prince and that his compassion and honesty to his values are what got him to find his true partner. Wonderful job! Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi Estelle, great story! I felt Lilly’s frustration with her mom throughout the whole thing and to contrast her feelings with her daughters’ experience was a great way to heighten them even more. I wish the mom got to explain her feelings at the end though – it was such a great buildup and then Lilly just seems to forgive her so quickly, without…[Read more]

  • Oh wow – this was such a gripping story from beginning to end. I loved how it just throws you into the scene and you figure out, little by little, what seemingly happened to her. I felt so much sympathy for Marible. The little twist at the end was a great surprise too! Wonderful job and even more so because it’s your first time. Please keep writing!

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    I’m so glad I chose your story! Like one of the other commenters said, it does have a fairytale like quality to it. You also have a beautiful arc in such a short amount of space. (Also – yay kittens haha) I don’ t know if it’s because you named him “Uncle Roon” but he reminded me of Uncle Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender. (If you haven’t…[Read more]

  • Hi Catherine, thank you for your feedback and taking the time to read! They were all good points – I need to figure out how to identify the different ANA’s more obviously, since (I’m going to bet) there will be others we’ll meet in future stories. Thank you so so much for following the story!

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